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I repeat – There’s nothing wrong with choosing either of these options. Don’t go into a hailstorm of remorse when those consequences become reality, because you know that you can’t have it all and you’ve made the best decision. (Otherwise why on Earth would they deliberately want their child to get married to someone other than the one they’re already deeply in love with? Is it looking very compelling to say a “yes” at the cost of losing face to the community? Now look at this one: What does that look like to you now?I know countless inter-caste couples who have tried to convince their parents, failed and then gone ahead to get married anyway, leaving their parents’ home. In 100% of the cases, the parents’ accepted them within one year of getting married.* :) Blackmail? If that’s the tried, tested and fully working method, please help yourselves. :) *[Update: As pointed out by some readers, this requires some clarifications.

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Boys and girls (and don’t demand to be called men and women. Of course the first step is to try to convince your parents. However, if it proves impossible, you need to take a stand – one way or the other. I’m sorry, but there are no ways of going against reality.

If I could find the me of your age somewhere I’d have called myself a baby. If you have to take a stand that involves sacrificing someone’s happiness for someone else’s, whose happiness will you choose? Does that mean money is the only language that you can use – even with your closest family? But it gives you the mental strength and confidence to even believe that you can make your own decisions. If between the two of you you’re earning an amount which won’t allow for the maintenance of the same standard of living you currently enjoy – well, that’s a call you need to take.

Main choonkeh college main parh raha thaa iswajah say dinbhar college main hotha aur sham ko body building kay leyay gymnasium chalajatha thaa aur rozana rath ko ghar ajatha thaa.

Meena kee shadee ko sirf 6maheenay howay thaay aur Meena kee yeh sahdee mohabbat kee shadee thee. Main ghar athay hee pehlay naha thaa aurphir Meena kay sath dinner kartha jo keh wooh khud hee banathee thee.

Uska hath mairee paint kay belt per agaya aur belt kay bakal koomazboothee say pakar leya.