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I have never in my life griefed or hacked anyone, in terms of anything. Have I ever griefed or hacked: No, I do not see the point in cheapening the fun and experience if the game others and myself are playing who being a asshat to others or cheating to get what I can easily work for.

I hope these answers are to your liking, and I hope to hear from you very soon:) Ok so the age rating for the server is meant to be 14 - 24 BUT i will allow you to join despite your 30 as you seem like a very nice person with a lot of potential. I have been searching for an ABDL Server for Quite a while now, and with no luck in sight, i made my own!

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By Baby Mullet There are few things more boring in the world than standing in line by yourself at Disney.

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She let out a long, loud sigh and flopped back in her chair, pretending as if she’d been spending the last few hours poring over the large mathematics texts laid out on her desk.