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You can also send prompts to my tumblr: seasonofthegeek and I will get to them as I am inspired. With Madame Bustier teaching them the tango things are sure to heat up, but with their normal lives beginning to get busier, and their privacy being compromised by a new threat, they are going to have to pull out all the stops to spend more time together.Adrien Agreste is finally able to attend public school only to be labeled as a social outcast. And he definitely never expected to be jealous of his time traveling older self.

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Unfortunately, his heart is already taken by a sweet girl in his class.

Meanwhile, Marinette doesn't understand why Adrien keeps giving her weird looks, and Nino and Alya are about to explode with frustration.

Or alternatively, a look into what would happen if the love square was reversed.

Priscilla Shirer, a Bible teacher and bestselling author who hosts "The Chat" Web show, recently led a no-holds-barred discussion with five Christian men to get an inside perspective on what women need to know about the opposite sex when it comes to their ego, intimacy, and taking on certain roles in the relationship."The Chat with Priscilla" is broadcast monthly at features Shirer hosting discussions with a variety of guests on issues related to relationships, faith and well-being. In a recent two-part episode of "The Chat," Shirer hosted comedian Michael Jr., her brother and recording artist Anthony Evans, worship leader Carlos Whittaker, her husband Jerry Shirer and recording artist Michael Boggs in a discussion about "What Men Wished Women Knew."One question posed early on in the discussion by Shirer was directed to Evans, her unmarried brother: "What is most distasteful to you about a single woman?

"Evans, who showed off his ring-less hand at one point, stated that when a woman is "overtly forward" he finds it to be a major turnoff.