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By delivering to the brain multiple electric fields at frequencies too high to recruit neural firing, but which differ by a frequency within the dynamic range of neural firing, we can electrically stimulate neurons throughout a region where interference between the multiple fields results in a prominent electric field envelope modulated at the difference frequency.

Specify a sigma value to determine how harshly the comparison is judged (a good value is the radius of the segmented filaments).

Visualization will require a programmable GPU that supports GLSL.

Please reference their original work (JQSRT, 2011) in any publications and contact him regarding any licensing concerns.[source] Simple and robust programmable volume visualization.

This software allows the user to prototype programmable volume shaders and transfer functions written in GLSL.

Please send me an e-mail if you have any problems with the software.[project page] [source] This is a command-line tool designed to do basic data-processing for extremely large hyperspectral images.