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While scientific research has told us much, it does not solve what may forever remain the greatest mystery – was this Christ’s burial cloth?

The pure linen cloth, of Middle Eastern origin, is a simple, opaque tissue of fishbone weave measuring 14′ x 3.5′ feet.

My special radio report on the Shroud of Turin was aired in two parts on “Vatican Insider” – Part I on Palm Sunday weekend and Part II this past Easter weekend.

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It contains the full-length frontal and dorsal imprints of a man and has carmine colored stains corresponding to blood.

It is spangled with a double series of dark spots caused by burns it underwent in a fire in the 16th century and the water used to douse the fire left broad, symmetrical rings clearly visible.

THE MAN OF THE SHROUD: PART I As you know, the mystery of the death and resurrection of Christ is celebrated every year throughout the Christian world during Holy Week.

What you may not know is that it has also been studied by scientists in their laboratory.

Commission, “Cardinal” Gerhard Ludwig Muller was certainly still in charge back in May of this year, when, as it has just been made known, the then-head of the CDF called a plenary session of his congregation to discuss once more the doctrinal declaration the Society of St.

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    'Whoever took part, I tell you this: however hard you try to evade the justice of men, you will never escape the justice of God.'Ms Caruana Galizia, 53, had made repeated and detailed corruption allegations for years against Prime Minister Joseph Muscat's inner circle and had recently turned her investigative scrutiny on the opposition as well.