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In the winter and spring, you can also avoid the skinny jeans crowd by checking out the Chelsea Pop Up one.

In any case, nothing brings people together more than shopping, whether it's exclaiming over the great '40s dress you just found, bargaining with a vendor about the price of a necklace, or kvetching with that sexy stranger about how your friend is way too obsessed with cowboy boots.

I'm not exactly the most perceptive) in these stores, and it was not a skeevy experience -- it was actually adorable.

Any bookstore, but particularly The Strand near Union Square and the Barnes and Noble on 18th and Fifth Avenue Piled high with books stacked in shelves that graze the ceilings, yellowing discount books, new indie hits, mainstream paperbacks and most of all single, hot, young people who all have a love of reading and cheap books, this is a great place to mix and mingle without the awkwardness of speed dating or the noise of a dive bar.

Touted as the world's largest bookstore, you can literally get lost in this place.