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Add Yeah Jam Fury: U, Me, Everybody to your Steam wishlist and send a screenshot to yeahjamfury [email protected] a chance to win a copy of the game! The Arctic, a vast and uninviting region that encompasses about six percent of the Earth's surface and an estimated 22% of the world's undiscovered fossil fuel resources, is rapidly becoming one of the critical geopolitical issues of our time.Much of its resource trove is located under the region's disputed international waters.

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Most of the post-Jupiter voyage was spent in hibernation mode to preserve on-board systems, except for brief annual checkouts. The mission, led by the Applied Physics Laboratory and Alan Stern, would become the first mission to Pluto successfully funded and launched, after years of delays and cancellations.

In August 1992, JPL scientist Robert Staehle called Pluto discoverer Clyde Tombaugh, requesting permission to visit his planet.

New Horizons is the first mission in NASA's New Frontiers mission category, larger and more expensive than the Discovery missions but smaller than the Flagship Program.

The cost of the mission (including spacecraft and instrument development, launch vehicle, mission operations, data analysis, and education/public outreach) is approximately $700 million over 15 years (2001–2016).

The spacecraft was built primarily by Southwest Research Institute (Sw RI) and the Johns Hopkins Applied Physics Laboratory.