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Compared with VW's £40,000 California, though, the Danbury oozes credibility and economy. Price/On sale From £23,000 in LHD Amigo trim to £35,500 in RHD SE trim. Contact or call 01454 310000 Tested 1,390cc four-cylinder engine. Power/torque 80bhp/91lb ft Top speed 81mph Acceleration 0-62mph in 23sec Fuel economy 35-40mpg (touring) CO2 emissions 141g/km VED band F (£125 a year) On the stereo Summer Holiday by Cliff Richard Verdict Not a dynamic rival to a modern motor caravan, but full of charm and practical.

Small wonder that they are so popular The rivals Volkswagen California SE 2.0 Bi TDI Price from £39,995 VW's modern take on its classic is clever and well suited to today's demands.

Fitted out like an aircraft, with its powered rising roof, but the sliding door is on the wrong side. Volkswagen Type 2 Split window 1954-1967 Price from £20,000 The original Type 2 and undeniably good looking, but sky's-the-limit pricing and questionable personalised restorations put many off.

Cooling, brakes and handling also require upgrading.

This is life on the road, an old-school Kombi with a bay windscreen and what looks like a spare tyre on the front.