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Her blurry eyes met with a pair of soft and tired blue-green ones. "You came home," Andy said the obvious softly in a thick tone, while Miranda helped her sit up.Seeing the small grimace that crossed Andrea's face, even knowing that the reprimand would be a futile effort, the older woman had to hold not to scold her for having once again fallen asleep on the armchair.

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Still, I think you will have no problems understanding the text. " Opening the door Andy rejoiced at the visit, in her face, a broad smile.

The redhead smiled in response and returned the clunky hug due to Andy's prominent belly, and followed her inside."I don't know how you can manage these miracles", Emily feigned an air of boredom, sitting beside her friend on one of the big and comfortable couches in the living room. "Oh, but we know that her benevolence is not only in favor of our gossiping time. My 'good life' is exactly sixty minutes to finish; so, going straight to the point: how are the girls? "They are in the same..." Her voice was low and gravelly. The months of treatment demanded their debt, the fight against time, merciless.

"Except for back pain and swollen feet, plus the hassle of having to pee every fifteen minutes, physically, I'm fine..."Emily gave her a reassuring squeeze on the knee. They would only be taking a convenient step in relation to locomotion and time, the rest, they already had. Emily announced her decision to her girlfriend and soon they had a date for her move. But Serena, the bright and emotional side of the couple, also thinking that a relaxation moment would be good for everyone, convinced her grumbler redhead.x x x x As she closed the door behind her, Miranda Priestly took a deep breath and let her tense shoulders relax a little; her strong facade of businesswoman giving way to a downcast expression. However, even aware that she would have some annoyances, they were beyond her expectations.

Andy then suggested a celebration of welcome to the new home. At least Nigel and the assistants were in tune with her needs.

Except for the suddenly tense feature and a slight tired look that showed a bit of her inner turmoil, physically, she seemed well.