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Before I have dreamt i am laid there paralyzed while someone is breaking in to attack me.

What I don't understand is what is going on and am I awake really or are they just freaky dreams??

Warmly, Kevin Teresa, what you describe sounds an awful lot like lucid dreaming. (If that's not quite what you mean, feel free to describe your experiences a little more.) I have had sleep paralys alot this year but with mine, i fall into a dream where there is a spirit in my house.

For more information on that and to see if perhaps you are a lucid dreamer, check out this article: these are lucid dreams you are experiencing, really try to take that article in, because lucid dreams are amazing instances in our lives that can be cultivated and harnessed to better ourselves in the waking world even. It attacks me and paralyses me so that I can't move or call out for help.

The body paralyzes itself during REM sleep (the paralysis is known as REM atonia) to prevent it from acting out the dreams that are going on in your mind during this stage of sleep.