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Apparently Etisalat – the lone UAE telecoms provider – has figured out a way to block Skype.As the UAE touts its claims of freedom and progress, it continues to hinder one of the basic rights that we all have as humans – our freedom to speak.

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Skype is technically a very difficult program to block.

They have put substantial amounts of resources into continuing to figure out ways to impede our use of the Internet and our basic freedoms.

Do you know where I get an older version to reinstall?

Paul Bilodeau dosent work for me..i delete the file and it keep appearing on the folder…i delete it and 15 to 20 secs later it there again…i have been deleting the file like 20 time now and keeps like coming back…what can i doÉ I had to actually nuke the entire folder under ~/Library/Appblahblah/Skype as it was still crashing on bootup for me.

The only reason for blocking Skype is so that they can continue to charge exorbitant rates and to line their pockets with extra cash. Make it look exactly like what is written in the screenshot below. If it doesn’t then make sure that Tor is running, which means right click on the little cherry-looking thing you should now have in your system tray and click on “Start”.