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Google’s also moving in on this territory with Google hangouts.

(VIDEO: Can Microsoft Put Its Skype Purchase to Work?

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All of the sudden, the screen changed to a replay of my image/video being played back to me.

They said 'Hahaha, I now have your naked photo and your Facebook contacts, give me $1500 or I send [it] to all your family, friends and coworkers!

I did some modifications to my FB and got the videos they posted on my comments deleted, reported the account to Facebook, and nothing ever changed for me. It is work and time for them to go after you but by showing no anxiety and giving them no leverage to hold against you, you are able to diffuse a really nasty situation.

Others have completely freaked out and gone through hell, even if they didn't pay the scammers.

At the moment, the company is focused on monetizing, and plans to launch a premium version of the service by year-end.