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Janet Mc Cabe, who headed EPA’s Office of Air and Radiation during Obama’s second term, said in an interview Saturday that while “you would expect a new administration to reflect their policies on their website,” the agency had made a point in the past of making the regulatory history of different policies available on its website even when administrations changed hands and shifted direction.“Historical and factual information about these issues, and regulations over time, is something that EPA has always made available to people,” Mc Cabe said.“If you are looking for information on “climate change,” “the greenhouse effect,” or “global warming, ” you’ve come to the right place,” it declared in August 1997.

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); state and local actions that help mitigate greenhouse gas emissions; and, easy ways to obtain more information by fax, email and electronic order form.” The site has long served an informational role and sought to provide a comprehensive review of basic climate science, the effects of climate change, and how it is affecting the United States.

In addition it contained information about the agency’s approach to climate change and how people could take steps to lower their own contributions to climate change.

The proposed method provides recommendations for selection of both individual and regionally located test sites, provides techniques for validation of field data for use in back-analysis, and presents a recently developed energy-based solution to back-calculate paleoearthquake magnitude and strength of shaking.

The proposed method allows investigators to qualitatively assess the influence of post-earthquake density change and aging.

However, the site has run into political headwinds before. Bush, updates to the site were frozen and then required to undergo White House review.