Simple validating c input

You can add whatever placeholder you want, but make sure you go for usability.

simple validating c input-7

We also update the password validation label with the error message and show or hide the password validation label.

Build and run the application to test the validation we implemented.

Let's get started by launching Xcode and creating a project using the Single View Application template. In this tutorial, we build a simple registration form with four text fields. The first tip is simple, taking advantage of the return key.

Open View Controller.swift and declare four outlets of type Open Main.storyboard, add a vertical stack view to the View Controller Scene, and add a label, four text fields, and a button to the stack view. Set the text of the label to Create an Account and set the title of the button to Save. Don't forget to connect each text field with its corresponding outlet. When the user taps the return key in the bottom right, the application should automatically make the next text field the first responder. To make this work, the view controller needs to be the delegate of the text fields.

Because the email text field is the last text field of the form, set Return Key to Done. The SDK makes it easy to apply security best practices. Select the password text field and, in the Attributes Inspector, check the Secure Text Entry checkbox. Form validation is another key component of a usable form.