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If children are rewarded with endless ‘stuff’ and don’t know the value of things, it damages them psychologically.They can’t make the connection between good behaviour and reward, hard work and positive outcomes.And we all knew the potential consequences: woe was the child who ended up on the naughty list and sacrificed all their presents just because they couldn’t behave themselves.

So, I started buying all sorts of extras at the start of November and now he also has a sack full of clothes, toys and books to the tune of £200.

The twins are tiny, so I’ve spent less on them — around £100 each.

Katherine keeps saying, ‘Don’t go mad, Mum, because where would I put it all?

’ I just have a wry smile to myself as the urge to spoil my grandsons is irresistible.

The roles between the two women are now blurred, and one way of asserting ‘motherhood’, especially at Christmas, is to buy big pressies.