Sexually intimidating

She wondered whether that aggressive behavior was paying off for the males by winning them more success in mating with those females over the long term.

To explore those dynamics, the researchers collected data on sex and aggression across four years in two large baboon groups.

Sexually intimidating 100 friendship and dating sites

But males can also be choosy about their mates, so the lack of ornamental ...

A new study offers insight into a process that could lead one species to diverge into two, researchers report.

You still think you know everything about him before he’s opened his mouth. You’ve worked so hard to get here, to be a success, to look decent, to own your own place, but romantically, you feel like you’re being handed a giant shit sandwich for your efforts.

And so everything he does will fall neatly in line with your script. I’ve always hated this story about how smart, successful, direct women are scary to men.

The findings are based on genetic evidence of paternity and suggest that sexual coercion via long-term intimidation ...