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By using such a bad tactic you will only end up unhappy without getting laid and waste your own and your dates valuable time.If you tell the world that you are purely looking for sex and fuckfriends, of course many potentials dates look away, but that will not be the case for those who are looking for the same thing that you are, namely a pure sexual relationship. In this case qulity are potensial dates that are looking for a relationship for casual sex with their fuckfriends, that are the people you want to reach with your profile.So when you are out for a casual sex date or maybe a regular fuckfriend you have to advertise on a site for this intension, not a nice regular dating site.

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If someone don't care about using a condom on the first sexual contact with a new person they don't know from earlier it is a big red flag in your face.

This is a red flag about this person might already be infected by some kind of std's or don't care about being infected.

Accept it and go on with your sexdating with a new date.

The same thing goes when you have taken it one step further and have ended up in bed, suddenly one person isn't comfortable with something and want to stop or don't allow you to do some kind of particular sexual acts with you.

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