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Shortly after, John meets Bialar Crais, who wants revenge for his brother's death.John has to adapt rather quickly to a life with aliens, guns, and space travel, without the comfort of Earth culture.

The show derives much of its humor from Crichton's habitual (and extensive) use of Earth-related pop culture references, often used as witty mockery in the face of danger or opponents who, being unfamiliar with the references, are unaware that they are being insulted.

Although an occasional reference will provoke curiosity or confusion to his friends, Crichton's fellow shipmates are largely unaffected by these comments because they simply assume them to be native Earth terms that cannot be interpreted by translator microbes and merely extrapolate the meaning from its context.

Due to the neural clone's longer presence within and increased familiarity with Crichton, Harvey's reaction includes persuasion and appeal to sympathy rather than threats.

Crichton still agrees to allow Scorpius to remove the lingering neural spillover.

Toward the end of season one, Crichton encounters a mysterious alien race known only as The Ancients, who hide a repository of wormhole knowledge into his brain to guide him home, beginning a series-long chase by a Sebacean-Scarran hybrid Peacekeeper called Scorpius who hunts John and the rest of the Farscape crew to obtain that information.