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The report was scheduled for broadcast on 7 December 2011, but a decision was taken to cancel its transmission, which ultimately developed into a major crisis for the BBC when the ITV documentary was screened in October 2012.

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Much of Savile's career involved working with children and young people, including visiting schools and hospital wards.

He spent 20 years presenting Top of the Pops before a teenage audience, and an overlapping 20 years presenting Jim'll Fix It, in which he helped the wishes of viewers, mainly children, come true.

Savile claimed the key to his success on Jim'll Fix It had been that he disliked children, although he later admitted to saying it to deflect scrutiny of his life.

He did not own a computer, as he did not want people to think he was downloading child pornography. And it's easier for me, as a single man, to say "I don't like children" because that puts a lot of salacious tabloid people off the hunt.... I know I'm not." Broadcaster and journalist Orla Barry, on the Irish radio station Newstalk in 2007, asked him about allegations aired during the Theroux documentary.

Jimmy Savile (1926–2011) was an English DJ, television and radio personality who was well known in Britain for his eccentricities and, at the time of his death, was generally respected for his charitable work. In September and October 2012, almost a year after his death, claims were widely publicised that he had committed sexual abuse, his alleged victims ranging from prepubescent girls and boys to adults.