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Som udgangspunkt ville jeg have en ny protese BH, så jeg havde hele udstyret med i dametasken.

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'That finding has sparked many more questions and potential research ideas because it was so unexpected based on what we know about gender role socialization and media exposure.'Bischmann said more research needs to be done, and explained that she suspects that the findings may be related to unexamined variables.

For example, a participant's level of religion, sexual performance anxiety, negative sexual experiences or whether their first exposure experience was positive or negative could play a more significant role than age.

It also did not matter how the participants were exposed - the researchers found no significant association between the nature of the exposure and attitudes.'We were surprised that the type of exposure did not affect whether someone wanted power over women or to engage in playboy behaviors.

We had expected that intentional, accidental or forced experiences would have differing outcomes,' said Bischmann.

Boys who start watching pornography at a young age are more likely to grow into misogynistic men who want power over women, a new study claims.