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Beatrice had cousins and siblings in these locations and she may have been on holiday or visiting family.

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She was a journalist in Christchurch who put me in touch with her aunt who was interested in the family history. I allow her bead and beadstead and Chairs and press and the young cow and if she goes to Live with James Swond she forfits all her right and like of the above.

I told them my family story and curiously they had heard that William Nahr admitted to having a child before he got married. Inscription: SEAWRIGHT [Granite slab] Erected by William Blath Seawright in memory of his beloved wife Matilda who died …. Graveyard: Magherafelt 1st Pres, Magherafelt, County Londonderry. Eye allow as mush of the Land to be sol (sold) as amount til Eighteen or twenty pound a year for to pay the Dept and the remander to bee Devided in two Shairs.

Frederick (Fred) worked as a clerk and accountant and raised 5 children with May in Westport.

Beatrice grew up in Westport and when she left school she got a job at Bowater and Bryan as a typist.

His adoptive parents were Cyril Geoffrey Edmund and Phyllis Carre Drinkwater Harker. In the 1960s Geoff enlisted the help of a few friends and they drove down to the West Coast in search of his biological mother and father. Witnessed by John Daws brother in law present at death. Birth year 1847, Age at death 70, Registered year 1917, Registered quarter/year Apr – Jun 1917, Registration district Coleraine, Volume 1, Page 335 7 July 1918 Eliza Seawright at Ballymacombs. Witnessed by Sarah J Russell, niece, present at death. 24 April 1924 Charlotte Mc Krell at Binghampton, Broome, New York, USA.