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I can't sing but I do try my best at karaoke and I love to dance. I'm not into games or trying to be anyone's Mother. If I wrote to you, it's because I thought we'd probably enjoy Im a 30 yr old ftm hard worker.

I'm looking for a partner and to be treated as a equal. I'm currently taking care of my grandparents, but I am a certified school aide. I enjoy the little things in life and love spendin my time outdoors. Love movies I am an open minded lady with positive outlook. I am ready for serious relations with a special any one, but I am not afraid to be funny sometimes. Following goals is exciting well I'm not sure but I think I'm lesbian I'm more attracted to women I've Tryed to have relationships with guys but it hasn't worked out I just want to find out if I'm a lesbian I havent talked with family or friends about this im scared of how they'll Hi everyone :) I'm Sara. I'm majoring in music education, and I plan on teaching high school after I graduate.

I'm sarcastic, kind hearted, sensitive but tough, an animal lover, adventurous, non judgemental, Netflix addicted, love to laugh, odd sense of humour but funny, etc.

I'm not sure what I'm looking for but I'm open to I am outgoing, passionate, faithful, animal lover. To bonfires and four wheelers to hiking and swimming. I I am, in no particular order, an artist, a musician, I take care of my friends; they take care of me; no one keeps score; we all do very well.

I am I am a 28 year old female with 3 beautiful girls.