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The married father of two had brought a shameful secret with him to Massachusetts: He had engaged in a long-term sexual relationship with a New York patient.

Any romantic involvement with a patient is strictly forbidden in psychiatry, and Gorman's entanglement would drive him to self- destruction, resignation, and disgrace - finally spattering Mc Lean's reputation as well when it became public last week.

Still, people said they were impressed by Gorman's intellect and sense of purpose in his new position.

As one staff member put it, "He just radiated hope."As a result, when Gorman did not report for work on Monday, April 24, 2006, his staff did not automatically assume something was amiss.

On Friday, hospital officials stressed in a letter to staff and patients that the hospital did nothing wrong in its handling of Gorman's problems and that the only apparent victim was the patient, a woman who was also a colleague of Gorman when he was in New York. "Our hope is that we can continue to focus on the important work of caring for our patients, training mental health professionals and advancing scientific knowledge, as we have always done."But the leaders of Mc Lean and Partners face lingering questions from the many people connected to Mc Lean who feel betrayed by their former chief executive: How could they have hired the doctor in the first place?