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NAC432A.302.2.d The staff of a child care facility must be able to: Work with parents and include them, whenever possible, in the programming and functioning of activities. The licensee of a facility shall require all children to wash before meals and after using a toilet. If the weather permits, all children must have a daily period of outdoor play.A licensee of a facility shall provide opportunities for active play which builds muscles such as climbing, jumping, running and playing with toys which have wheels.

The bureau may deny an application for a license or may suspend or revoke any license issued under the provisions of this chapter upon any of the following grounds: Violation by the applicant or licensee or any employee of the applicant or licensee of any of the provisions of this chapter or of any other law of this state or of the standards and other regulations adopted there under.

Aiding, abetting or permitting the commission of any illegal act.

The licensee of a facility shall provide a cot, mat or bed for each child. The amount, variety and arrangement and use of materials and equipment used in a facility must be appropriate to the developmental needs of the children cared for in the facility. Incidents: May 30, 2007 – Division of Child and Family Services (hereinafter DCFS) Child Protective Services (hereinafter CPS) worker informed Bureau regarding a report they received where staff “threaten new enrollees to pull down their pants for a cavity search and sexual acts are performed during this process”.

Materials must be stored in a manner that allows children to select, remove and replace the materials independently or with minimal assistance. Furniture must be durable, safe and intended for use by children or appropriately adapted for use by children. A licensee of a facility shall provide space for the storage of the children’s clothing and the storage must be within easy reach of the children. The Bureau conducted an on site investigation where the above allegations were not confirmed, however students reported to the Bureau that “staff tease students saying they are going to perform cavity searches, but they never actually follow through.” Which is a violation of 432A400.2b.

The employee, at the time, was suspended from employment pending background clearance.