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AS A CONVICTED SEX OR VIOLENT OFFENDER YOU ARE REQUIRED TO DO THE FOLLOWING: (1) That you will be absent from your principal residence for more than seventy-two (72) hours.(2) The location where you will be located during the absence from your principal residence.

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Lincoln values the privacy and security of every applicant and urges all applicants to diligently protect their sensitive personal information from scams targeting job seekers.

These scams can take many forms including fake employment applications, bogus interviews and falsified offer letters.

This registration period starts the day the offender is released from incarceration or the day the offender is placed on parole or probation, whichever occurs last.

All sex or violent offenders are required to notify the local law enforcement authority (in Allen County this means The Allen County Sheriff’s Department) within 3 days of any change in principal address, employment, schooling, or any other change in their required registration information.

We will never ask applicants to provide payment during the hiring process or extend an offer without conducting an in-person interview.