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At some point you may find yourself asking the question, what do I do with all my research? They want your research shaped into to something that is a little easier for them to digest. Well, just like you've learned genealogy and how to uncover the information of your ancestors you can learn to write. While it’s true some are born with the gift of prose, the rest of us must learn the craft.

You might recognize that no one else in the family is interested. A story, a collection of stories, a family history book, anything but the raw data saved in a binder. You can learn to take the facts and shape them into shareable stories.

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In our Daily Dose emails, you are presented with information on how to write exciting and entertaining stories in the form of narrative nonfiction.

You are offered inspiration and the motivation to stay committed for the 28 days.

A world where you can see how writing your family history stories can be a new stage in your genealogy journey.

It’s also the link, that missing piece required to connect your family with their ancestors.

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