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Stasi kidnap victim Frederic Pryor, 82, whose struggle for freedom is a major plot device in the film, said almost everything shown about him was just fiction and its depiction of the main characters did not match reality.But the lawyer does not stop there and also presses for the release of Mr Pryor after he was apparently arrested while crossing the border from West to East Berlin shortly before the Berlin Wall was built.Steve, a trained figure skater, is naturally light on his feet but follows John's lead on the dance floor.

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He was imprisoned for six months and interrogated for six hours per day, with his captors very interested in a library card from Yale University which said he was a 'special student', which he put down to not paying his tuition fees on time.

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From outside on the footpath, Kevin Flowers' dance class looks like any other.

A group of amateur dancers waltz to dreamy, instrumental music blaring from wall-mounted speakers inside a church hall.

Rather than listening to his sermon, the congregation was captivated by couples sashaying around the dance floor in the hall opposite the chapel.