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Testing the new Kinect in a cozy room, I, amongst a small handful of journalists and engineers who I didn’t know, caught a glance at my own man Truthfully, a small percentage of Xbox owners may ever have such an experience.

You Tube user Shinyless has integrated Kinect into his Fruity Loops software (again thanks to Open NI).

The interface creates a basic skeleton based on your body, which can then interact with two large augmented-reality buttons that produce different kinds of beats (essentially a bass drum and snare).

But as everyday technologies get better at seeing us naked, it does call to question: Should developers start thinking about censoring their imaging APIs?

Should a company like Microsoft algorithmically smooth over chests, rears, and crotches at the core layers of their technology to protect a user’s chastity in the uncanny valley of nudity?

Microsoft’s XBox One launches on Friday, and it's quite good for illustrating the many ways in which we make slight changes to our expectations of privacy in exchange when we think the trade-off if worth it.