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This committee teleconferenced with representatives of the Canadian Anesthetic Society (CAS) to identify problems, perspectives, and controversial issues, and to define a process for guideline development.

The EM committee subsequently reviewed existing literature, determined levels of evidence, and developed the document, which evolved based on feedback from the CAS and CAEP Standards Committees.

Various specialty societies have developed guidelines for procedural sedation, each reflecting the perspective of the specialty group.

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In this post we will talk about some of the precautions you need to know before giving your child a supplement.

In addition I am going to tell you about three supplements we have tried and how they worked or did not work for my son.

Recognizing this, the Canadian Association of Emergency Physicians (CAEP) determined the need to establish guidelines for procedural sedation in the ED.

In March, 1996, a national emergency medicine (EM) working committee, representing adult and pediatric emergency physicians, was established.

There is not a whole lot of research in this area as most studies tend to focus upon prescription medications to treat ADHD.