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The morning started off in bizarre fashion and with a hive of activity on the Albion Wattsapp group.

New signing Marc Ferrer had not made the pre-arranged meet at the “Alex” on Clapham Common and whilst there was a tiny amount of concern for Marc’s wellbeing, we were more worried about having a play the game with 10 men.

There wasn’t much to report in “Henri Leconte” as it was a walkover.

Tied in second with a vote apiece were Stew “the chopper” Lauder for the aforementioned “late” tackle and Matt for having a mental breakdown, thinking the ref had awarded another penalty. Runway “winner” with 6 votes was returning goalie, Walter Gwan Nulla.

Following a whirlwind 10 minute spell, the Albion equalised, went one ahead and then two ahead.