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If the actors are funny, the audience will laugh, and the actors should continue showing expression until the laughter is over, and then say the next line. Greetings and Salivations to all you Lords, Ladies and (gesture up) the Babbling Rabble in the Rafters!

The DAMSELS do not like each other so they should show jealousy or make faces at each other.

His father the King wants him to get married and inherit the kingdom, but this bad boy just cant settle down. Contact the playwright at the link above to get more of the script.

(PRINCE sits on stool, and keeps making flirty faces and combing his hair.) HOST - Youve seen him at dance balls, youve seen him as a frog, youve heard of him in legend and song. He picks one and there is a big surprise in store for all, a short chase scene and a funny rescue and wrap-up.

(CINDERELLA ENTERS and dances in swirls) Look at that grace and elegance!