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Take your girl’s hand, and move it down south to your pants, so she can feel how hard she’s making you, all while whispering these sexy French words in her ear.

[Read: How to get a girl horny and wet just by sitting next to her] #10 “You’re so beautiful.” – “Vous êtes si belle.” Hey, women love to be flattered!

Get sensual by telling the love of your life how beautiful you find her. #11 “You are my fantasy come true.” – “Vous êtes mon fantasme devenu réalité.” This form of flattery can be considered both sweet and sensual. Tell your partner you don’t need anything more, because she’s your fantasy come true. Invite her to rile you up by telling her exactly what you wish she would do. Tell him exactly what you want in this easy, one-word command.

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Likewise, women love to hear about their men getting hard. #3 “Tell me your fantasy.” – “Dime tu fantasia.” Let her know in the sexiest way possible that you want to indulge her every whim by listening to and acting out her favorite fantasy.

[Read: 12 arousing sex fantasies to try in real life] #4 “You’re so sexy.” – “Eres tan sexy.” Compliments will get you everywhere, and this blush-worthy line is no exception. This is a great phrase for many different occasions—whether she’s stepping out in a new dress, or while you’re smack dab in the middle of getting down and dirty.

Turn your partner on with sexy words of love with this sweet Spanish phrase.

[Read: 25 loves you even if he doesn’t say it out loud] #7 “I’m playing with myself.” – “Estoy jugando conmigo mismo.” Opposite of the phrase above, sometimes it’s nice to say something raunchy to your guy.

Fabulously naughty French Did you know that almost 2 million Americans speak French fluently? If you’ve ever been seduced in the French language, you already know that your lover could pretty much say anything in French, and you’d be transfixed. Naughty French sayings for him #8 “I want you.” – “J’ai envie de toi.” Telling your partner you want her practically says it all.