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He then spends the rest of his life traveling the ninja world fighting injustice.

While he has the affection of almost every girl he knows, Sasuke has only shown romantic interest in Sakura and even then it wasn't until the very end of the series.

He is intercepted by Naruto and Sakura, who beg him to come home and let go of his hatred but he refused by denouncing any bond with them and he intended to kill them for simply being shinobis of Konoha and to erase any connections the village had to the Uchiha.

After Sasuke kills Danzo, a Konoha elder who ordered the massacre, and nearly kills Sakura after she attempted to kill him to stop him from igniting a war among the nations, the only one left with any faith in Sasuke is Naruto.

When Sasuke made plans to leave Konoha, Sakura tried to stop him by confessing her love for him, only for Sasuke to thank her for everything she's done for him and leave anyway.

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