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The same day, Andre tweeted a selfie of the pair and wrote, "The undisputed most gorgeous being on the planet 😍💕💋🌹❤️🔥 @rosariodawson I love u bb🙏🏾 #Happy Valentines Day," though the tweet has since been deleted, according to .

The PDA-filled Valentine's posts didn't convince everyone right away, though.

"I was like, ' You're still a millennial, man. '"In the same interview, she spoke about how Andre had taken care of her after an emergency surgery she underwent over Labor Day weekend in 2016 for a ruptured ovarian cyst, saying, "He took care of me in an adult diaper.

That's real love." In a September 2017 Instagram post, she expressed her gratitude for Andre's support during her surgery and recovery. This weekend marks a year that I had to get emergency surgery to stop internal bleeding from a ruptured cyst on my ovary.

"Wishing you all a ' Michael Bolton's Big Sexy Valentine's Day'!