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Unfortunately, the producers at KMBC-TV in Kansas City must have assumed the Chiefs had the game in the bag. @Matt Flener KMBC already has had enough embarrassment for one night. — Stuart Goldman (@stuart_goldman) January 7, 2018 to become the next coach of the Oakland (soon to be Las Vegas) Raiders, ESPN offered him an emotional sendoff after his nine years in the booth. It’ll be tough for a lot of us on the crew to be impartial when we go into those production meetings and see you next year.” Gruden said: “Thank you. Though the terms of the deal haven’t officially been announced, several news outlets have reported that Oakland will give Gruden a 10-year contract worth 0 million, which would be the largest contract ever given to an NFL head coach.

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Bills quarterback Tyrod Taylor was even worse, completing only 17 of 37 passes for 134 yards, including one interception, leading FS1 host and Hall of Fame receiver Cris Carter to joke that the best quarterback on the field that day was Romo.

Romo has received a great deal of praise during his first season in the booth, in part because he hasn’t been afraid to have fun during lighter moments.

In Week 8, Romo offered a terrific breakdown of a stray cat that wandered onto the field at M&T Bank Stadium in Miami during a 40-0 rout by the Ravens.

“This is like how you ran in high school,” Romo joked to his booth partner, Jim Nantz.

On the college football side, beloved play-by-play announcer Verne Lundquist was replaced with Brad Nessler as the network’s leading voice for SEC football.