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more Washington's State Republican Party Chairman Susan Hutchison, who embraced Donald Trump as he was spurned by prominent state Republicans, is resigning the party leadership she's held for nearly five years.

She ran for King County Executive, a non-partisan office, in 2009 but was defeated by Dow Constantine.

She was elected to the top GOP job when predecessor Kirby Wilbur left to join the New America's Foundation. Hutchison came out for Trump when the GOP nominee-to-be made May, 2016, appearances in Spokane and Lynden. Slade Gorton urged a write-in vote for independent presidential candidate Evan Mc Mullin.

Wen Yu, in his 1994 book "" (Cosmos Books Ltd., ISBN 9622577164, 1994, HK), summarized the so-called 'leftist' catastrophe of the Chinese Communist Party from 1927 armed uprisings (mutinies) onward to the 1978 Xidan Democracy Wall. Sun Yat-sen, after the Sun-Joffe Joint Declaration, had fallen into a de facto Soviet agent, sowing the seeds of struggles and conflict between the KMT and the CCP as well as the disaster of the Chinese people in the 20th century.

Gao Hua, a Nanking University professor whose father fled the persecution of the Cultural Revolution in Aug 1966, had presented the most comprehensive research into the communist red terror in the book "" (The Chinese University of Hong Kong, Sha Tin, N. In 1927, the Nationalist Party (i.e., the Kuomintang or the KMT), both its Right-Wing and the Left-Wing, purged or severed with the communists consecutively.

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