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After filming several more advertisements and promotions for the BBC, Nissan, Canon, and Nike, Belle was contacted by Luc Besson (director of Nikita, and The Fifth Element) regarding co-starring as lead actor with Cyril Raffaelli in the action movie District 13, followed by the sequel District 13: Ultimatum.Belle co-starred with Paul Walker in Brick Mansions (2014), a remake of District 13. His last major appearance was when he appeared as a guest at the New Yorker Festival in 2007.

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In 1984, at the age of 11, Belle moved to Lisses, France.

He made close friends with a group of teenagers with similar physical passions who began training with him.

David Belle (born 29 April 1973) is a French actor, film choreographer and stunt coordinator.

He is deemed the founder and leading pioneer of the physical discipline Parkour, coining it based on his training and the teachings from his father Raymond Belle.

He has however said that his taste and love for adventure and freedom did not go well with the regimented life of the military.