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ET weeknights on MSNBC, is a smart look at politics, policy, and all the day's top stories. Or watch it live online at Now.© © Copyright © 2017 NBC News I couldn't follow the news for about a year after Drumf was elected; but Rachel got me back in. The show is over before I attempt to download the podcast. Yes via ITunes Yes on an IPhone Yes with Google Fiber. forever :(She’s hands down the best political commentator!

I think she tries to be honest and accurate rather than partisan. I wish I could just blast her report at everyone who spews fake news that they got from Facebook or Trump’s twitter.

Her hard work allows us to work a little less hard.

This podcast brings you the audio from each night's show in its entirety. I love when she gives us a historical perspective on a story or fills in the background on a person or topic. Her thoughtful, in-depth, macro and micro approach is unparalleled.

Podcasts bring our favorite shows together in one place.

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