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'This must be how those good looking frat guys feel all the time,' He thought. Jackson the old history teacher talked about the Battle of Gettysburg and Abraham Lincoln, all extremely boring topics for John.

The worst part was that Mrs Jackson talked so slowly that five minutes worth of content took her the entire hour to explain.

Smoking wasn't allowed on campus, but since it was so late it wasn't like anyone here was going to stop him. This day incredibly similar to his dream last night. John grabbed some chips and went on his laptop to read some random forum posts.

John walked into the cornershop near the bus stop and got some milk. "Uhh, I'm a few cents short." John explained to the Russian migrant shop owner. His mother walked into the kitchen wearing only a white towel, which John could see her body figure tightly pressed against. Dee was forty years old and only five foot eight inches, but her amazing breasts and sexy curvy ass made her look like a goddess. "We don't get the results until a few weeks." "There's a good movie on tonight, it has that Bob Jerryson guy in it." "I've got my math exam tomorrow, I'm going to take a shower and go to bed." "Alright, have a good night." Mrs.

JOHN: Hey man, I'll give you the $10 tomorrow at about 11AM? MATT: Yeah no worries bro John studied in the library until late at night, and said goodbye to Mr Gray the librarian as he left to get some milk and go home.