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Our itinerary was as follows: stop in Ensenada, Mexico on the way out, spend four nights at sea, have a day each in Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and the Big Island, and then head back to California over the next five nights.

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We had tried to keep up with writing our thank you cards as we received gifts, but even so, we had a pretty substantial list to tackle after the wedding. read more I’ve gotten to the point where nothing planning related feels as good as checking something off my list.

And I just knocked off a big (at least for me) one—I nailed down my bridal accessories.

Well, hive, the time has come for me to bid the ‘Bee goodbye.

I wanted to put down a few final thoughts as I wrap up my last days as a blogger.

I feel like most of our arguments stem from insecurities. His speech is a memory that will live on, as his “funny anecdote” was an amazing story about Benjamin trying to “reinvent himself” in college freshman year.