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he Prime Minister delayed a decision on the Hinkley nuclear plant; I fear that she just needed time to understand it properly and didn’t want to be rushed, which means that that prohibitively costly project will eventually be signed off.

Regardless, she needs to be seen to be decisive and prompt with airports.

London would be a very different place today had Heath’s vision been realised, and even our housing crisis would have been partly tackled.

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t gradually emerged as London’s third airport without waiting for the top-down planners to do their work.

Meanwhile, having given up on Buckinghamshire, by 1971 the government of Sir Edward Heath announced that a site at Maplin Sands had been selected for the third London airport.

Both have opponents, of course, but the anti-Heathrow dynamics have changed.

Sadiq Khan, the Labour mayor, is now supposedly against but not especially strongly.

Ironically, one of the Labour policies that was better than the Tories by 2010 was Gordon Brown’s commitment to expand Heathrow; to his great shame, David Cameron torpedoed all of that and here we are, six years later, with the ball firmly in Theresa May’s court.