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The Mc Canns are incensed that their private investigators were given no access to the sightings at the time.

Mrs Mc Cann said: 'There are instances where information which we think is very credible and worthy of information has not been actioned.

It's heartbreaking to know that it seems to end there.' Mr Mc Cann, also 41, was particularly angered at Inspector Ricardo Paiva, who was responsible for collating any information about Madeleine after the formal investigation ended.

He said: 'Inspector Paiva believes Madeleine is dead.

The woman who reported a possible sighting of Madeleine Mc Cann in New Zealand which was kept secret by Portuguese police said today she 'absolutely believes' it was the missing girl.

Files have been released showing that Portuguese police dismissed dozens of potential sightings of Madeleine.

He had not approached the authorities earlier because he was wanted for fraud.