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From simple plastic gadgets to electronic toy cars, they all ended up in pieces.Little did his parents know that these play sessions developed his basic understanding of mechanics.To the right of his workbench, a collection of watchmaker-grade screwdrivers are laid out nicely - from German-made Wiha to Mercedes Benz screwdrivers, these tools are important to the quality of the work he does.

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It means they would have to overhaul everything, and it costs a lot to fix,” he said.

For Mr Hilos though - who charges a fraction of what service centres would - fixing something that seems like an impossible task is something he finds “fulfilling”.

It was only when he was older that they put two and two together.“My dad realized, ‘oh, that’s why’, because I started fixing things - bicycles, radios, television sets, anything that was broken, I fixed. Mr Hilos was born in San Pablo, Philippines, a small city that was “peaceful, quiet, with not much happening back then”.

His mother was a teacher, and his father worked several odd jobs before starting his own photography business.

Upon graduating, he worked as a car audio technician for a Japanese company in the Philippines, and had various other stints in electronics until 1997, when he moved to Singapore for a job with Panasonic as an engineer in their R&D department.“NOBODY TRUSTED ME” Adapting to a different culture here wasn’t easy, especially since he was just married with two young kids at the time.“It felt monotonous and lonely. “WHEN IT’S DIFFICULT, I GET MORE INTERESTED”These days, Mr Hilos spends more than 10 hours a week of his free time repairing his clients’ cameras.