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This week, the name of that sacrifice is , the New York City–based editors and writers of The Atlantic moved to a We Work office in Brooklyn.

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A week later, tens of thousands of people turned up at airports to oppose and obstruct Trump’s Muslim ban.

By harnessing this unqualified opposition, Democrats were able to score shocking political and policy victories: stealing a Senate seat in Alabama, saving Obamacare, winning deep-red districts in state races, and coming close to taking the Virginia House of Delegates in the face of heavy gerrymandering.

Suffice to say that I made either the wise decision to skip them or the only marginally less-wise decision to repress all memory of them.

But writing about movies is something I’m paid to do, and occasionally that entails a degree of professional self-sacrifice.

People articulating such views were easy to find—online, on the front pages, and on the streets.