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Before beginning the study, researchers told participants that the “dating” profiles were not real, and neither was the “rejection.” However, the simulated social rejection was enough to cause both an emotional and opioid response.“This is the first study to peer into the human brain to show that the opioid system is activated during social rejection,” Dr Hsu said.“This suggests that opioid release in this structure during social rejection may be protective or adaptive.“In general, opioids have been known to be released during social distress and isolation in animals, but where this occurs in the human brain has not been shown until now.”Dr Hsu noted that the underlying personality of the participants appeared to play a role in how active their opioid system response was.“Individuals who scored high for the resiliency trait on a personality questionnaire tended to be capable of more opioid release during social rejection, especially in the amygdala,” he said.“This suggests that opioid release in this structure during social rejection may be protective or adaptive."He added: “It is possible that those with depression or social anxiety are less capable of releasing opioids during times of social distress, and therefore do not recover as quickly or fully from a negative social experience."The team concluded that the brain pathways activated by physical and social pain are similar.

Studying this response, and the variation between people, could aid understanding of depression and anxiety.

When we type in our logins and go surfing for love, out come all our animalistic instincts: We refuse to give a second look to those who don't meet our physical requirements, rudely ignore those we don't find worthy and generally let our ids run wild. " we think gleefully, our brains reverting to caveman-like activity. In short: Online dating is not for the easily offended.

So if you're offering your heart up to the WWW gods, don't be too put off by the following social un-graces.

We are totally meant to be.") Hours later, you log in again and notice that your Match has viewed your profile and chosen not to respond. Rejection hurts; studies show it can actually stoke the pain nodes in your brain.

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