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'All our work was done on Apple Macs and in Google documents, which I'd never used before,' she says.

'I tried to learn the systems in my lunch hour and took my Mac home with me — but the work piled in too quickly.'My colleagues said they were too busy to help.

They'd all done degrees in digital marketing, so technology was second nature to them.

They would look at me condescendingly when I said I didn't understand.'The age gap between Alexandra and her boss — newly promoted to marketing director after six years at the company — made her feel increasingly alienated.'She'd formed a close-knit gang with my younger colleagues.

I felt bullied and left out.'Having been trained to finish one job at a time, Alexandra loathed the multi-tasking expected from a generation known for its ever-decreasing attention span.'As part of our marketing strategy, we were encouraged to check our social media accounts throughout the day.