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) Chair Massage Chakra Therapy Chaplet of Protection Charcoal Tablets Charlie Charlie Game (Blamed for Bizarre Seizures) Channeling Charmazing Bracelets Chek, Paul Chi (No Scientific Proof of God or chi – what’s the difference?

) Chicken Soup for the Soul Chi Kung Chi Machines Chime Travelers Books Chinese Knots Chinese Spoon Massage Chiromancy (Palm reading) Chiropractics Chiropractor (Playboy model dies after visit) Chiropractics (Does Vatican Consider to be New Age?

handwriting analysis) Green Cross Green Scapular Gregorian Chant Grounding Grout, Pam Guerrero, Alejandro/Alex Guided Imagery and Visualization Gyrotonics Hagiotherapy Hall, Sarah Hamsa Hand Hancock, Maureen Handwriting Analysis vs.

Graphology The Harbinger Hare Krishna Harry Potter Harry Potter Fans Decimate Indian Owl Population Harry Potter Strikes Again Haunted Governor’s Mansion Haunted Mirror Havening Technique Hawthorn Hay, Louise Hazeldon (Thoughts for the Day) HCG Weight Loss Products He Shou Wu Healers (New Age) Healing Code Healing of Families (Fr.

) Hypnotherapists (What You Need to Know Before Choosing) Hypnotist (Was Hypnotist/Principal Responsible for Student’s Death? ) “I Am” Teachings I-Dosing Incarnational Healing Infrared Wands Inner Child Institute of Divine Metaphysical Research Integrative Manual Therapy International House of Prayer Intuitives (Medical – Carolyn Myss) Intuitive Counselors (Surge in Use of) Invoking vs. (Dies Age 95) Jabez, Prayer of Jadience Jesuit Guide to Almost Everything Jesus Calling (by Sarah Young) Jesus Calling (Book purged of all references to God Calling) Jesus Calling Controversy in a Nutshell Jesus and Mary Cult Jewelry (New Age & Occult-based) Jin Shin Jyutsu Jobs, Steve (What Role Did Alternatives Play in Death?