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On the one hand, I certainly can't accuse the writing of being too sparse on details.Also, the characters are sufficiently different from each other in terms of personalities and "voice", which is important in a dating sim.

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You do need the gifts in order to get the best ending, but in order to reach any kind of ending with the characters at all, you have to build up the relationship enough to be able to choose them.

You can't just spam one interaction until the game ends.

The expressions are subtle and nuanced, and there's a bit of animation that breathes further life into them with blinking and facial twitches. Unlike many dating sims with currency involved, there is no job mechanism in Kaleidoscope 2.

Also, the backgrounds are nice, and the music is gentle and ambient. The closest you can get is picking mushrooms in the forest to sell, but you are only allowed to do so once per day.

Suddenly an old man came and give her a sheet of paper. The old man told her to go to the address, since the young master there is in need of a replacement maid for 30 days. In there lives an arrogant young master, a clumsy butler, a kind but cold gardener, and the old man! Yeah, this is the dating sim flash game you'll find anywhere in the internet, like pacthesis and nummyz. ^^ I'm not a writer, but fortunately I've found 2 writers to help me!! Sometimes seems stupid, but actually he's good at valuing person. And finally, the rest is just the mansions and a little bit of places ahhh... Any suggestion and idea for the design, or anything? I'm pretty bad at these kinda things, so dunno how2fix.

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