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Even the trendy San Francisco Art Institute, which is rumored to have been built on top of a graveyard that housed victims of the 1906 earthquake, is said to be the home of several ghosts who have frequently been seen climbing the stairs to a tower that overlooks the ancient cemetery.

Alcatraz Island is one of San Francisco’s most famous landmarks, but the former maximum-security prison is also home to some of the city’s weirdest ghost stories.

Pictured is the Juan de Fuca and Gorda plates offshore of the Pacific Northwest.

The plate moves eastward from the midocean ridge and spreading center on the plate's western edge to the trench on the eastern margin'This is the first time we've been able to map out the flow of mantle across an entire plate, so as to understand plate tectonics on a grand scale,' said Richard Allen, a professor at the University of California, Berkeley.

The major lithological and vegetation changes observed during the YD period in eastern North America might actually represent the full impacts of the cooling associated with the YD, since the cooling trend actually started before the start of the YD period, as defined by radiocarbon dates and pollen zones.