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Here is a list of the performers: Barry Ip George Reichert James Anes Sandra Villella Tracey Hsieh Winnie Fung Manuel Alvarez Marta Slowik Ozzy Gul Phoebe Yu-Kowalski Needless to say the group looked amazing.

They were polished, energetic and I was super proud of their hard work and dedication.

"The people in Calgary are absolutely the gotta love the Stampede in July!

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I loved Nico, but I thought Allie, Natalli, or Arassay should've won. Now if i'm lost at sea 7 days, im not alone if i'm holding you. No matter what anyone can say, this is the only place for me & no one could ever take that away.

And if it all ends & everybody in the world is gone, i'll be standing with you, baby And if it's the last breath, I take....i'll leave my kiss with you.

For one, finally we have a uniting of Marc, Amanda and Betty in their joint quest to unsurp the evil Kimmie (Lindsay Lohan) from her newfound editorial position!

Then the show is filling the re-occuring characters with delicious new boys with more from Gay for Jesse Val Emmich as Betty's neighbour, the introduction of Grant Bowler (above, Lost) as Connor, some new money type who is a fake enemy of Daniel's and looks like he's planning to get real friendly with Wily (though look at her face, she's currently not impressed as I am). He's turned out better looking than I thought he would.

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